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Project “Stimulation of social inclusion and equal opportunities on the labour market”

Project is realized by Women`s Association of Slovakia in cooperation with company Aris Ltd.

During this project will be built 3 social advisory centres progressively which will meet the basic social services and will implement the information service system of care about inhabitants in mentioned districts. Production of computer programme for the information service system will be part of the project. Mobile computer educational centre will provide courses of computer skills to help women increase the employment. Members will disseminate information not only in stricken regions but also abroad. Project strengthens current network of social consultancy in Zvolen and Hrinova about new services on labour market. Project is supported by town Zvolen. The association co-operates with town Zvolen several years. Publicity of project will be ensured through city web-sites: Zvolen, Detva, Hrinova
Project is realized at the national level only and it is financed by European Social Fund and public budget.

Aim of the project:

Elimination of equality barriers between men and women on the labour market at horizontal level with accent on harmonization of labour and familial life under conditions in districts Detva and Zvolen by development of regional information systems in the field of ministration services including social advisory.

Specific aims:

  • support of strong points
  • stimulation of institutional equipment in the area of social advisory and in the area of prevention for women which will eliminate the current equality barriers and harmonize the labour and familial life
  • stablishment of regional advisory social network in districts of Zvolen, Hrinova and Detva aiming to disadvantageous groups of women and ethnical minorities
  • stablishment of regional information system about ministration services for social consultancy network in district of Zvolen, Hrinova and Detva with possibility to increase the computers skills of job candidates
  • increase in sciential level and computers skills of disadvantageous groups and women that are coming back to the labour market (elimination of weak points)
16. November 2010 12:01, Združenie žien Slovenska