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Information campaign

Aim of activity

to inform public about gender discrimination problems and sexual harassment in workplace


Global information about gender discrimination, its forms (difference between wages of women and men, gender segregation of professions, discrimination in promotion etc.)

Specific attention will be payed to harassment and sexual harassment. Part of this campaign will be information about current state of legislation in the field of anti-discrimination and possibilities to use the legislation in labour-law cases and complaints about discrimination (gender, national/racial etc.). The campaign will include information about providing the psychological and legal consultancy for victims of sexual harassment as well.

Progressive approach lies in handling the problems of harassment and sexual harassment in workplace and in providing the psychological and legal consultancy for victims of sexual harassment because such approach have not been implemented in Slovak Republic yet.

Information campaign in Detva 9.8.2006

Gender awareness raising courses

Aim of activity:

Increase the knowledge of employees and employers representatives about gender discrimination problems and sexual harassment in workplace.


Apply the gender mainstreaming in unions policy and in activities of personnel departments (departments of human sources). During the course we will deal with a theory of gender equality, sexual harassment and with processed case studies. This is progressive on the one hand by the gender mainstreaming approach and on the other hand we classify the problems of sexual harassment as the actual accepted problem occuring in workplace. According to EK directive the employer accounts for elimination of this problem.

Gender awaraness raising campaign for The Confederation of Trade Unions in Bratislava

Consultancy in case of sexual harassment

s a part of EQUAL project “Sexual harassment in workplace” and it is cofinanced by European Social Fund. Specialists in the area of psychology, law and social work provide psychological, social and legal consultancy. Consultancy services are provided personally or by distance form (by phone, e-mail, letter). All data about the clients and the whole consultancy process are strictly confidential. If somebody molests you in workplace and you feel helpless you can consult on your problem. You can choose a way of consultancy. It is necessary to prearrange a place and time of the personell consultation. Here you can find our contact details.

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