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Computer courses

Don`t be afraid of computer

Basic course of work on computer. Participants, which do not have any experience with computer, will learn how to use the computer and how it can help in job searching and in further education. Basic content of course:

  • Personal computer and its operation, basic definitions
  • Use of computer – correspondence, data processing, internet, e-mail…
  • Introduction to operating system Windows
  • Basic operations in Windows – keyboard, mouse, icons, windows, menu, tool board
  • Use of computer – writing a text, drawing and work with pictures, tables
  • WWW, Internet – function and basic definitions
  • E-mail – function and use
  • Visit of internet servers for job searching and servers offering trainings and courses

Using of Internet

Subject of this course is to familiarize the beginners with using the Internet (International computer network). The participants gain basic image about possibilities which Internet offers.

  • Introduction to www, basic definitions, possibilities, practical use
  • Travelling through the Internet
  • Browsing through some known web-sites focused on labour exchange and searching of job vacancies
  • E-mail – function and use
  • Internet Explorer and other programmes
  • Structure and basic elements of web-site – text, pictures and links, orientation in web-sites and handling
  • searching information through Internet.

Courses in Detva year 2005

Courses in Hriňová year 2005

Courses in Zvolen year 2005

Courses in Detva year 2006

Courses in Zvolen year 2006

in Zvolen year 2006

Social consultancy

The main task of advisory centre is to provide complex information and advices to clients by solving the problem, assistance in solving of difficult life situations, providing information about their rights, duties and legitimate interests.

The aim of advisory centre lies in providing various solutions of problems and life situations to clients, to help them to realize these possibilities and so allow them to solve the life situation or problem by their own strength.

Social consultancy provides persons in unfavourable social situation with necessary information which can help to solve their problem. Basic social consultancy belongs to all types of social services. Professional social consultancy includes civil advisory centres, maritally and family advisory centres, social work with socially non-adapted persons, advisory centres for victims of criminal offences and home-violence, social legal consultancy for handicapped persons and senior citizens. Service contains consultancy, contact mediation between social environment, therapeutic processes and help with advocacy of rights and interests. Service is provided free of charge.

We offer:

  • information and contacts (e.g. for other organizations, contacts for professional workstations)
  • advices and recommendations, co-operation with specialists in the field of law, psychology
  • escort to offices
  • help with applications for benefits in social and material emergency and for state social welfare
  • material aid – clothes
  • help with job searching (formulation of CV and job application)
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