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Activation activity

Project “Activation activity”

European Social Fund in co-operation with Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in Zvolen and Women´s Association of Slovakia started to organize the activation activity in Zvolen and Hrinova according to the article 52 of Act no. 5/2004 Coll. on employment services. Town Detva joined these two towns in year 2006.

Main target: to support the maintenance of working habits of job seekers with attention on the long-term unemployed and those dependent on material need assistance.

Project Activation of unemployed persons and unemployed persons with low motivation is financed by grant of Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of The Slovak Republic and by grant of The European Social Fund.

Project is realized through smaller municipality services and voluntary jobs targeting at improve of economical, social and cultural conditions and environment of residents.

Women´s Association of Slovakia provides social services through the activation jobs. 80 job seekers are registered for activation jobs in our association. They perform free social services for senior citizens with ill health according to The Act no. 195/1998 Coll. on Social Assistance as amended. They help to seniors with operations essential to life, accompany them to medical examinations, offices, cultural and other actions, deliver food, arrange food preparation, cooking, shopping and other essential activities related to household maintenance and contact with social environment.

Each workstation performing activation jobs has an employee – coordinator who organizes activation activities, is responsible for monitoring, keeps daily attendance register of job seekers and employees and submites all needed documents to the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family.

Through the activation jobs we help to women in regions impacted by social inclusion and high rate of unemployment e.g. Zvolen, Detva, Hrinová. Currently we are working on building another workstation Cechanky – Hrinová where should be registered 15 job seekers.

Activation activity in Hriňova and Čechanky

16. November 2010 12:33, Združenie žien Slovenska