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Promotion of Active European Citizenship
Directorate General For Education and Culture
PEP Project

Promoting European Projects among NGOs and citizens

Združenie žien Slovenska (Women´s Association of Slovakia) participates as a partner organisation on transnational project “PEP – Promoting European Projects among NGOs and citizens” which is co-financed by European Union.

Description and benefits

The PEP project is relevant for its promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity, and its parallel contribution to the efforts of the European Union to reinforce economic, social and territorial cohesion.

The project focuses on two main courses of action: sensitizing about social inclusion and interculturality, and the promotion of European projects, in both cases promoting an active European citizenship.

The target groups of this project are non-profit organizations from the participating regions in the project and their citizens:

  1. young people, especially those who wish to be informed about how to be volunteer in other countries and also to develop a project in their own city with the help of the European Union,
  2. NGOs interested in the subject, since it will offer some relevant news and contact from other organisations to them in order to work together in networks,
  3. people with interest for being volunteers in an organisation, giving them the necessary information to do it.


  1. encourage the participation of non-profit organisations in European projects,
  2. sensitize European citizenship about EU values and contribute to the consecution of their objectives, especially encouraging discussion about social inclusion and interculturality,
  3. promote the building of contacts and networks among organisations committed with an active citizenry, for potential future cooperation,
  4. reveal the existing diversity in Europe and the challenges that it faces within this topic of this project,
  5. creation of a project web-site for dissemination of knowledge and news



Fundación AFIES, Seville (Spain)

Dacorum CVS (Community Action Dacorum), Hemel Hempstead (United Kingdom)

Fundación Esculapio, Seville (Spain)

Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit (FTZ), Malta

CO.GE.S (Cooperativa Sociale), Venice (Italy)

Združenie žien Slovenska (Women´s Association of Slovakia), Bratislava (Slovak Republic)

Project is co-financed by European Union.

Promoting European Projects among NGOs and citizens – PEP Project

16. November 2010 12:45, Združenie žien Slovenska